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Tools & Resources for Enrollment Assisters

These tools are for anyone helping Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) clients apply for health insurance.

Online Resource Guide for Enrolling RWHAP Clients in Coverage
Over 45 resources, tips, and tools to help enrollment assisters with each step of the enrollment process.
Enrollment steps: All 

Eligibility Decision Tree 
Decide if a client should enroll in the Marketplace, with Medicaid, or neither. See how ADAP fits with other coverage.
Enrollment step 1: Get started. 

Common Questions and Suggested Responses for Engaging Clients in Health Coverage
Discussion guide for talking with RWHAP clients of color about enrollment in health insurance. Also available in Spanish.
Enrollment step 2: Address client's concerns, questions, and fears.

Plain Language Glossary for Health Care Enrollment Terms 
A glossary of health insurance terms in plain language for RWHAP clients. Also available in Spanish.
Enrollment step 3: Fill in application.

Health Care Plan Selection Worksheet 
List your client's health and medication needs, health care providers, and insurance options to help choose a plan.
Enrollment step 3: Fill in application.

FAQ: Premium Tax Credits (PTCs) and Cost-Sharing Reductions (CSRs)
Learn how PTCs and CSRs can help clients pay premiums and lower the amount they have to pay out-of-pocket for deductibles, coinsurance, and co-payments. 
Enrollment step 3: Fill in application.

Marketplace Plan Renewal Flowchart
This guide includes a timeline and asks key questions to guide the renewal process for 2015 coverage.
Enrollment step 7: Stay enrolled.

Enrollment Tracking Worksheet and Checklist
Help your clients enroll in health insurance, use benefits, and stay enrolled using the Enrollment Tracking Worksheet and Checklist.
Enrollment step 7: Stay enrolled. 

Renewal Tracking Checklist
Follow the key steps to support your clients in the health insurance renewal process.
Enrollment step 7: Stay enrolled.   

Special Enrollment Periods Fact Sheet 
Describes life events or special circumstances that allow people to enroll in/change private health insurance outside the open enrollment periods.
Enrollment step 7: Stay enrolled. 

Help Clients Prepare for Tax Season
Includes key messages and resources to help clients through tax season.

Are you an enrollment assister who is new to working with people living with HIV?
Check out our fact sheet: Topics to Consider When Assisting People with HIV to Enroll in Health Coverage

Tools & Resources in Spanish

Preguntas Comunes y Respuestas Sugeridas para Involucrar a los Clientes en la Cobertura de Salud 
Este guía puede ayudar a los proveedores RWHAP hablar con sus clientes sobre la nueva cobertura de salud.
Also available in English 

Guía de Referencia Rápida en Lenguaje Sencillo para Inscripción en Seguro de Salud
Esta guía de referencia rápida provee explicaciones de los términos y frases de inscripción que son sencillas y fáciles de entender.
Also available in English