Resources on Reentry to the Community

Resources on Reentry to the Community

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

HHS has undertaken various efforts to help recently-incarcerated individuals make adjustments back into their communities and access needed care. HRSA’s Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program and its Special Projects of National Significance have done work in this area under a Jail Linkages research and demonstration project.

Best practices of the Jail Linkages effort have been compiled into a series of curricula and manuals for agencies looking for ways to link incarcerated persons to HIV care. These materials were prepared under HRSA’s IHIP project, Integrating HIV Innovative Practices, which adapts HRSA/HAB SPNS program insights into practical resources.

Additional Resources on Care for the Recently Incarcerated

Following are resources to assist recently-incarcerated persons, compiled by the HHS Reentry Working Group and shared by HRSA staff. These materials are specific to reentry health care coverage/behavioral health services.

OMH Reentry Resources - Resources and links to reentry programs.

Federal Guidance on Health Coverage and Care for Justice-Involved Individuals

CMS Survey and Certification Guidance - Explains the standards for providing care to justice-involved individuals in order to be eligible to receive Medicaid/Medicare funding.

Incarcerated and Recently Released Consumers - Fact sheet on federal policies on health coverage and the recently-incarcerated, under ACA.

Incarcerated People and Health Coverage - This HealthCare.Gov webpage explains marketplace coverage options for recently-incarcerated individuals.

Medicaid Guidance Extending Coverage for Reentry - This guidance updates decades-old policy and clarifies that individuals who are currently on probation, parole or in home confinement are not considered inmates of a public institution. It also extends coverage to Medicaid-eligible individuals living in community halfway houses where they have freedom of movement, improving access to care for as many as 96,000 individuals in Medicaid expansion states over the course of the year.

Health Outreach and Enrollment Materials for Justice-Involved Individuals

Understanding the Health Insurance Marketplace If You’re Incarcerated.

ASPE Policy Brief on Health Care Coverage for Reentering Men - This provides tips and strategies for community-based organizations interested in helping men leaving the criminal justice system get enrolled in health care coverage.

Behavioral Health Resources

SAMHSA Guide “Reentry Resources for Individuals, Providers, Communities, and States” - This guide discusses the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration’s (SAMHSA) resources for behavioral health providers & criminal justice practitioners; individuals returning from Jails & Prisons; Communities & Local Jurisdictions; and State Policy Makers.

SAMHSA’s Behavioral Health Treatment Locator - This resource allows you to search online for treatment facilities in the United States of U.S. Territories for substance use/additional and/or mental health problems.

SAMHSA’s Criminal and Juvenile Justice Activities - This webpage summarizes SAMHSA data and resources on criminal and juvenile justice.

GAINS Center for Behavioral Health and Justice Transformation - This site focuses on mental health and substance abuse services for those in the justice system.