Who Needs Health Insurance? Online Tools and Reports Have Answers

Who Needs Health Insurance? Online Tools and Reports Have Answers

January 9, 2014
Map of the Uninsured
  • Where do uninsured individuals live? 
  • How many people are uninsured? 
  • How many people are eligible for Affordable Care Act coverage? 
  • What's the insurance status of people living with HIV/AIDS? 

Affordable Care Act enrollment efforts need answers to these questions in order to maximize participation and thus create a broader pool across which to spread risk.

Tools to Use

Below are just a few new online tools and reports that provide answers to these questions.

Data for Ryan White Programs

Ryan White programs can look internally and examine their own data (including client level RSR data) to determine the insurance status of their clients as they work toward linking clients to new coverage under Medicaid expansion and individual coverage in the Marketplace. 

However, many Ryan White programs also need data about the insurance status of the overall population in their areas. They include grantees that are serving broader lower income populations, like programs that are dually-funded by the HRSA Health Centers program, and grantees that received funding to carry out Affordable Care Act enrollment efforts as navigators and in-person assisters.  Enrollment activities will only succeed if they target outreach to communities with high rates of uninsurance and focus on specific groups of individuals (e.g., service workers) most in need of insurance enrollment help.