TRAX for the RSR: Application and Manual

TRAX for the RSR: Application and Manual

January 18, 2018
Data and Reporting TA Team
TRAX manual cover

TRAX (formally known as T-REX) helps providers create the RSR client-level data file. You import files with your client-level data in a specific format into TRAX, and TRAX generates the compliant XML file.

Note: We require that you enter a valid email address before downloading the TRAX package. This is so we can keep track of TRAX users, and keep you informed about updates.

The TRAX zip package contains the following support materials:

  • TRAX User Manual: This manual has detailed instructions for creating your input files, loading data into TRAX, and creating the client-level data XML file.
  • TRAX Sample Input Files: These CSV files support the development of TRAX input files by providing you the required table structure.
  • CHEX: This Excel template is pre-populated with drop down menus and conditional formatting to help you validate your data prior to importing it into TRAX.
  • RSR Crosswalk: This table serves as a template for you to map RSR data elements to the data in your system. It will help you identify how you have to transform your data into the structure required by TRAX.


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