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Part B Manual

Part B Manual

May 2013


Manual for Part B grantees and planning bodies outlines legislation and policies along with technical guidance on carrying out specific requirements of grantees.

Sections include the following (see also links on related topics to access TA, training, and HRSA/HAB guidance materials):

  1. Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Overview (HRSA/HAB website, including policies).
  2. HIV Service Delivery System (TARGET topic pages).
  3. ADAP (see ADAP topic page for more details).
  4. National HIV/AIDS Strategy and Ryan White Legislation (AIDS.GOV and Ryan White Legislation).
  5. Data and Reporting Requirements (Reporting Requirements and Data topic page).
  6. Grantee and Sub-Grantee Monitoring (Grantee Basics and Monitoring Standards).
  7. Clinical Quality Management (Quality Management topic page).
  8. Grants Administration (policies and Grantee Basics).
  9. Insurance Programs (Health Care Reform topic page).
  10. Planning and Planning Bodies (Planning topic page).
  11. Consortia.
  12. Coordination Between Parts and Programs (Planning topic page).
  13. Technical Assistance (TARGET Center TA providers).


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