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How to Apply for Marketplace Coverage

How to Apply for Marketplace Coverage

March 2014


Consumers have 4 Ways to apply for Affordable Care Act coverage: online, over the phone, by paper application, and with in-person assistance. Ryan White clients should start by asking their care team for help. In particular, see the enrollment tools that states have prepared, tailored for Ryan White clients.

Estimating the Cost of Coverage

Get estimates on the cost of coverage from these online calculators.

Get Help Enrolling

For help in applying for Marketplace coverage, go to HealthCare.Gov's Find Local Help locator (or call them at 800-318-2596). HealthCare.Gov can help, no matter where you live. This locator includes: 

  1. Direct links to assisters (in states NOT operating their own Marketplaces).
  2. Links to state websites for assisters (in those states operating their own Marketplaces).
  3. HRSA Health Centers funded to provide ACA outreach and enrollment assistance to help uninsured individuals gain health coverage.
  4. Links to existing outreach and enrollment services (e.g., Medicaid outreach and enrollment, Children's Health Insurance Program, CHIP). 

See the enrollment tools that states have prepared, tailored for Ryan White clients.

See CMS guidance and standards for in-person assisters/navigators.

Access links to ACA outreach and enrollment programs from Enroll America's State Profiles.

Learn how you can sign up to help others enroll?

See enrollment data, by state (Kaiser).


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