Herramientas en Español (Tools in Spanish)

Herramientas en Español (Tools in Spanish)

April 4, 2016

The need for Spanish language and culturally-appropriate HIV resources is great as almost one-fourth of U.S. HIV/AIDS cases are among Hispanic individuals. On the TARGET Center site are dozens of Spanish language resources designed to help meet that demand, developed by Ryan White agencies and HRSA to improve HIV care delivery. 

Attention Ryan White Agencies: Share your Spanish language resources with your colleagues.

Who Are Our Visitors?

Five percent of visitors to this site have Spanish as their primary browser language. The proportions are small but significant and needed given that 22.7% of Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) clients are Hispanic, according to HRSA's 2015 Client Level Data. The RWHAP serves Spanish-speaking clients in every state and territory. HRSA’s HIV/AIDS Bureau has a fairly long track record of developing initiatives targeting Hispanic individuals living with HIV (see sidebar).

A Sampling of Spanish Language Tools

Below is a sampling of this site’s Spanish language collection of materials, from tools to help consumers get health coverage and get engaged in planning as well as provider resources like a guide of best practices on reaching and engaging PLWH in care. 

Note that several items are listed just once on the Spanish language landing page but contain entire families of Spanish language tools within their collections, like Componentes Esenciales para la Capacitación y Éxito de los Trabajadores Pares (Peers).