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HAB HIV Performance Measures: Age Categories

HAB HIV Performance Measures: Age Categories

November 2013


Performance measures help Ryan White HIV/AIDS programs monitor and improve the quality of care they deliver. 

The following measures are grouped for various age categories.

All Ages

  • CD4 Count
  • HIV Drug Resistance Testing Before Initiation of Therapy
  • Influenza Vaccination
  • Lipids Screening
  • TB Screening
  • Viral Load Monitoring


  • Cervical Cancer Screening
  • Chlamydia Screening
  • Gonorrhea Screening
  • Hepatitis B Screening
  • Hepatitis B Vaccination
  • Hepatitis C Screening
  • HIV Risk Counseling
  • Oral Exam
  • Pneumococcal Vaccination
  • Preventive Care and Screening: Screening for Clinical Depression and Follow-Up Plan
  • Preventive Care and Screening: Tobacco Use: Screening and Cessation Intervention
  • Substance Use Screening
  • Syphilis Screening

HIV-Infected Children

  • MMR Vaccination

HIV-Exposed Children

  • Diagnostic Testing to Exclude HIV Infection in Exposed Infants
  • Neonatal Zidovudine Prophylaxis
  • PCP Prophylaxis for HIV-Exposed Infants

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HAB HIV Performance Measures

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