Supporting HIV care through education and innovation

Technical Assistance Providers

Technical assistance and training for Ryan White grantees is provided by HRSA project officers, Additional support is available to grantees and providers from the following TA and training projects, covering:

  • ADAP
  • Data and Reporting
  • Engagement in Care
  • Fiscal Management
  • Global HIV/AIDS
  • Health Care Reform: Enrollment in Health Coverage
  • Medical and Support Services
  • Quality Management
TA Provider or Program Primary Area
ADAP Technical Assistance

TA is targeted to State ADAPs in fiscal management (forecasting, cost-containment, collection of drug rebates) administrative and program management enhancements; and clinical quality management.

ADAP: AIDS Drug Assistance Program
HRSA Office of Pharmacy Affairs - 340B Program

OPA administers the 340B program, which provides drug discounts to certain federal grantees. Technical assistance includes Healthcare Communities, a forum for sharing experiences and resources (e.g., 340B Peer-to-Peer Network) and assistance for pharmacies (e.g., 340B webinars, Patient Safety & Clinical Pharmacy Services Collaborative (PSPC) for improving use of high risk medications).

ADAP: AIDS Drug Assistance Program
AETC National Resource Center
National center for HIV/AIDS clinical education resources and training.
Medical & Support Services
AETC Telehealth Training Centers Program
Telehealth training for clinicians who are not HIV specialists and are serving PLWHA in underserved communities.
Medical & Support Services
AIDS Education and Training Centers
The AETC Program offers clinician education and tailored capacity-building assistance.
Medical & Support Services
Clinician Consultation Center
Individual case consultation for clinicians HIV/AIDS Management - 800-933-3413 (9am - 8pm EST, M-F) Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) - 888-448-4911 (9am - 2am EST, M-Su) Perinatal HIV/AIDS - 888-448-8765 (24/7) HIV Testing - 800-933-3413 (9am - 8pm EST, M-F)
Medical & Support Services
Data Technical Assistance
Quick guide for help with EHB, RSR, ADR, eUCI, CAREWare, and other topics related to collecting and reporting data.
Data & Reporting
CAREWare Help Desk
Phone: 1-877-294-3571
Hours: 12pm-5pm EST, M-F

Data & Reporting
Data and Reporting TA Team

Use of the RSR, ADR, and EHR data systems
RSR Data TA Brochure
ADR Data TA Brochure

Data & Reporting
HRSA Contact Center
Help with HRSA Electronic Handbooks (EHB)
Phone: 1-877-464-4772
Hours: 9am-5:30pm ET, M-F
Data & Reporting
Ryan White Data Support
RSR, ADR, ADAP Quarterly Report, Part A MAI
Phone: 1-888-640-9356
Hours: 9am-5:30pm ET, M-F
Email: ryanwhitedatasupport.wrma
Data & Reporting
Integrating HIV Innovative Practices (IHIP)
iHiP adapts tools and findings developed in the HRSA/HAB SPNS program into practical resources for the Ryan White Community.
Engagement in Care
HRSA Project Officers

HRSA Federal Project Officers are the first point-of-contact for Ryan White grantees in managing their federal funds and accessing training and technical assistance. Locate your project officer by name or call HRSA's HIV/AIDS Bureau.

Program & Fiscal Management
National Technical Assistance Contract
Customized on-site assistance, peer-to-peer TA and training, related to grantee and planning council program requirements & improving operations. Request TA via your HRSA/HAB Project Officer.
Program & Fiscal Management
Allocations and Expenditures Reports

See the HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau website for A&E Report forms or contact your HRSA/HAB Project Officer.

Fiscal Management
Fiscal Health: Systems to Sustainability
Training builds Ryan White agency fiscal management capacity and enhances their income streams, covering grants management, accounting, audits, billing, sliding fee scales, etc.
Fiscal Management
National Quality Center
The NQC provides technical assistance/training for Ryan White agencies to improve the quality of HIV/AIDS care they provide.
Quality Management
AETC National Evaluation Center
The AETC National Evaluation Center helps to develop evaluation models for determining the impact of AETC clinical education.
Caribbean HIV/AIDS Training Initiative

The CHART Network supports training to strengthen the capacity of national healthcare personnel and systems to provide access to quality HIV & AIDS prevention, care, treatment, and support services for all Caribbean people.

Global HIV/AIDS Programs
HEALTHQUAL International

HEALTHQUAL provides training, technical assistance (TA), tools and software for both monitoring and documentation of the quality of patient care. Staff and consumer involvement support government-led capacity building for the scale-up of HIV treatment and care.

Global HIV/AIDS Programs
I-TECH delivers training and technical assistance in four areas: Health system strengthening; Health workforce development; Operations research and evaluation; prevention, care, and treatment of infectious diseases.
Global HIV/AIDS Programs
International Twinning Center

Creation of peer-to-peer relationships between organizations working to improve services for people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS internationally.

Global HIV/AIDS Programs
ACE TA Center
The ACE TA Center helps grantees and providers enroll diverse clients, especially people of color, in health insurance and builds providers' cultural competence.
Health Care Reform