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Topic: Software Systems

All about the software systems that are RSR-ready

  • Tips and tools for evaluating software for the RSR
  • T-REX: Free tool for the XML export
  • CAREWare and other software systems

Training resources


  • This active listerv is a great place to get advice and support from your peers. The discussions often cover data-related topics beyond CAREWare.


  • HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau

    Portal on the HRSA/HAB website for CAREWare resources:



  • Data and Reporting TA Team
    January 2013

    Many software systems, including EHRs, lab systems and case management systems, generate the RSR. These systems also have internal validations and reports that allow the provider to check the quality and completeness of the RSR data before upload.

  • Data and Reporting TA Team
    January 2009

    The Ryan White Services Reporting System (RSR) requires that grantees and providers submit de-identified client-level demographic, service, and clinical data.



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    Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) HIV/AIDS Bureau
    October 2012

    Toolbox explains health IT issues that are unique to HIV/AIDS care. Modules include an introduction to Health IT issues unique to HIV/AIDS,
    selecting Health IT tools, financing Health IT, improving quality and efficiency, and security and privacy issues.