Data and Reporting TA Team

Data and Reporting TA Team

The DART Team provides training and technical assistance (TA) nationally to Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Parts A-F grantees as the Data and Reporting TA (DART) Team, with an overall goal of continuing to improve the ability of grantees and providers to report high-quality data that documents the effective use of HAB funds.

TA and Training Services

The DART Team, one of HRSA's Ryan White data-focused TA and training services, addresses questions regarding:

Significant Assistance to Meet Data Reporting Requirements

    • Helping grantees who do not know what to do or where to start
    • Determining if grantee systems currently collect required data
    • Assisting grantees in extracting data from their systems and reporting it using the required XML schema
    • Connecting grantees to other grantees that use the same data systems

Data Quality

    • Supporting grantees in analyzing their Completeness Reports
    • Communicating data quality issues to grantees and supporting them in making improvements
    • Providing TA on the encrypted Unique Client Identifier (eUCI) Application

About the DART Team

The DART Team is a collaboration of CAI, with Abt Associates and Mission Analytics Group.


Beth Hurley
Project Manager
CAI Global

Diane Fraser
Abt Associates


Paul Mandsager
Project Officer