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Topic: Consumer Advisory Boards

Consumer Advisory Boards (CABs) serve to provide clinics with input and guidance from patients regarding the design and delivery of care. To be effective, CABs follow operating procedures to guide them in member formation, convening meetings, providing feedback, and monitoring their work over time to assess their impact on clinic operations.



  • AIDS Arms, January 2009, Inc., January 2009

    The AIDS Arms Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is a caring group of consumers, Board members and community volunteers who provide input to enhance the quality and effectiveness of services provided by AIDS Arms, Inc.


  • AIDS Arms, January 2008, Inc., January 2008

    Mission statement and bylaws for a community advisory board (CAB), developed by AIDS Arms in Dallas, Texas.

  • Massachusetts Department of Public Health, January 2011, HIV/AIDS Bureau, January 2011

    Resources for the Massachusetts Statewide Consumer Advisory Board (CAB), comprised of people living with HIV/AIDS, including a handbook on CAB operations, an application for membership, and a guide on meeting mechanics.