Topic: Completeness

High quality Ryan White Services Report (RSR) data are essential for demonstrating the impact of your important work.

HAB’s data quality goal for the 2014 RSR was to have at least 90% known values – that is valid data excluding missing values – for seven client-level data elements: enrollment status, health insurance status, housing status,federal poverty level, CD4 count, viral load, and prescribed ART. These data elements are required to both establish Ryan White eligibility and demonstrate critical HIV health outcomes.

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Reports and Best Practices

  • Data and Reporting TA Team
    July 2015

    These charts show improvements in completeness of data reported by Ryan White grantees from 2010 to 2014, measured by known rates for client demographics and clinical information.

  • Data and Reporting TA Team
    October 2014

    Since RSR data are used to present information about the Ryan White Program to Congress, the HIV/AIDS community, and the public, it is crucial that your data reflect the reality of your program as closely as possible.