Supporting HIV care through education and innovation

Consumers and Community

The Ryan White program is dedicated to providing the best care to people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). This website has lots of resources to help health care professionals do their best jobs. For you, the consumer, the Ryan White program relies on your involvement in planning councils, advisory boards, and peer programs. The consumer perspective helps to keep this program on the right track.

But the most important role for you is to take care of your health. This means keeping appointments, taking medications, and asking for help and support from friends, family, and professionals like physicians, nurses, case managers and counselors.

Staying in care

  • Consumers should work with their trusted HIV/AIDS care team to learn about health insurance coverage options under the Affordable Care Act. Learn more about health care reform and enrollment in new coverage options.
  • The Partners in+care campaign is a program that asks consumers to take a pledge to stay in care. We know that people who stay connected to their clinics and take their medications are healthier over time, and we want you to be healthy.

Topics for consumers

Key Resources

Guidelines and Manuals

Webinars and Training

Tools and Job Aids

  • HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau
    January 2011

    Methods that involve persons living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) to help link other PLWHA into primary medical care and other needed services. 

  • HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau
    August 2007

    Tools for use in a program whereby peer advocates work in a multidisciplinary team to engage people living with HIV/AIDS in care. Part I (Supervisor's Guide) and Part II (Peer Advocate Toolkit).


  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
    August 2014

    AIDSinfo is the official home to all U.S. HIV-related treatment guidelines. The site also includes a HIV/AIDS health topics database and fact sheets on FDA-approved and investigational HIV/AIDS-related drugs, educational materials for consumers and providers, and a clinical trials database.