Sharing Sample Job Descriptions

Sharing Sample Job Descriptions

January 7, 2013
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A small collection of Ryan White agency job descriptions is available on the TARGET Center as a handy aide to agencies looking for a jump start on writing position postings. Examples include:

  • Job description samples from the Beacon Clinic within Boulder Community Hospital were shared by Guy Lively in response to a CAREWare listserv request from Crossroads Clinic in Greenville, Mississippi. Beacon's descriptions include: Medical Case Manager and Clinical Supervisor, Clinic Financial Manager, Behavioral Health Therapist, and Outcomes Data Entry and Support.
  • An extensive collection of job descriptions related to quality improvement (eg, Director, Coordinator, Medical Director) compiled by the National Quality Center.

In addition, the Guide to Writing Job Descriptions and Job Postings is a handy tool for writing job descriptions from scratch. This tool was prepared under HRSA's PEER Center.

Below is a recap of Ryan White job descriptions on the TARGET Center:

  • CAREWare Positions
  • Consumer Advisory Board Member
  • Medical Case Manager and Clinical Supervisor
  • Clinic Financial Manager
  • Behavioral Health Therapist
  • Outcomes Data Entry and Support
  • Peer Educator