Planning CHATT

Planning CHATT

Planning CHATT (Community HIV/AIDS Technical Assistance and Training) builds the capacity of RWHAP Part A Planning Councils and planning bodies (PC/B) across the U.S. to meet their legislative requirements, strengthen consumer engagement, and increase the involvement of community providers in HIV service delivery planning. The project provides training and technical assistance to support the work of PC/B members, staff, and Part A recipients.

During our first year, Planning CHATT will:

  • Identify promising practices that can be used to improve PC/B functions, operations, and achievement of legislative responsibilities
  • Collect TA resources, and update key planning tools and training materials
  • Offer foundational webinars to share practical approaches and address common challenges
  • Share existing resources via a searchable, user-friendly, and comprehensive library
  • Create a community of PC/B members, staff, and Part A recipients to exchange practical knowledge

Upcoming Webinars

Planning CHATT will host a two-part webinar series on Building Strong Planning Councils/Bodies in February. Read more.


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Andrea Goetschius
Communications Manager

[email protected]

Lennwood Green
Project Officer