Make Sure Clients Activate their 2018 Coverage

Make Sure Clients Activate their 2018 Coverage

Thursday, January 18, 2018

From the ACE TA Center

Finding a plan during Open Enrollment is just the first step for your clients to get covered and stay covered in 2018!

All clients who signed up for 2018 health plans through the marketplace must take the next step and pay their first month’s premium to activate their coverage.

Some clients may also owe back-payments from any premiums they failed to pay in 2017. They should pay these as soon as possible! Encourage your clients to contact their state or local Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program to ask if they can get financial help for these back payments.

If the client fails to pay their first premium, there is a chance they could lose their 2018 coverage. If this happens, they will NOT be able to enroll again unless they qualify for a Special Enrollment Period.

If a client is having trouble paying their first month’s premium, help them to reach out directly to their insurance company and ask if there is an option for them to receive a grace period.

Share these ACE materials with your clients to help them use their benefits and stay covered.


How to start using their coverage:

  • Identify important health insurance documents
  • Anticipate potential health care costs
  • Know where to go for care
  • Make the most of each medical visit

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How to keep their coverage all year:

  • Pay premiums on time
  • Report income and household changes
  • Learn what to do if they lose coverage

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