Health Plan Recommendations for Ryan White Clients?

Health Plan Recommendations for Ryan White Clients?

Friday, November 17, 2017

Do you know which 2018 health plans are recommended for your clients? Your AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) or local Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) insurance assistance program may be evaluating, recommending, or supporting specific health insurance plans for people living with HIV. 

Considerations such as coinsurance, prior authorization, and HIV medication tiering are an important part of finding the best plans to meet individuals’ health and financial needs.

Follow these steps to make sure all enrollment assisters in your community are aware of these plan recommendations and other resources!

  1. Check with your state ADAP coordinator or local RWHAP insurance assistance program now to find out if particular plans are recommended and/or financially supported in your community.
  2. If there are recommend plans: Share this information with enrollment assisters in your community that may be enrolling RWHAP clients. This includes enrollment assisters who do not work at a local RWHAP organization, but may enroll people living with HIV through referrals or as walk-ins.
  3. For all enrollment assisters in your community: Share the ACE TA Center’s resources for enrollment assisters with navigators, certified application counselors (CAC)s and other assister partners to make sure they know how to help people living with HIV find the best plans for their needs. The assister fact sheet and video are designed to help enrollment assisters understand key information such as the importance of affordable medication coverage, the role of RWHAP/ADAP in supporting access to health coverage, and value of HIV provider continuity.