Funding Opportunity: FY18 HRSA Part C EIS

Funding Opportunity: FY18 HRSA Part C EIS

Friday, June 30, 2017

HRSA/HAB has released the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Part C HIV Early Intervention Services Program: Existing Geographic Service Areas Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO, HRSA-18-001-004-005). The purpose of this program is to provide comprehensive primary health care and support services in an outpatient setting for low income, uninsured and underserved people living with HIV. Recipients must apply under the NOFO opportunity number that corresponds to the project start date for their service area. All applications are due August 14. They include:

  • HRSA-18-001: Project start date January 1
  • HRSA-18-004: Project start date April 1
  • HRSA-18-005: Project start date May 1

Technical Assistance Webinar: July 11

HRSA/HAB will conduct a July 11 pre-application technical assistance (TA) webinar to support the release of this NOFO.


If an applicant has a programmatic question about NOFOs HRSA-18-001, HRSA-18-004, and/or HRSA-18-005, email Hanna Endale, Branch Chief, Division of Community HIV/AIDS Programs. For additional information regarding business, administrative, or fiscal issues related to the NOFO, email Adejumoke Oladele, Grants Management Specialist.