end+disparities Learning Exchange ACTION WEEK!

end+disparities Learning Exchange ACTION WEEK!

Monday, May 22, 2017
National Quality Center

HIV providers and consumers are invited to participate in awareness-raising events during the week of May 22-26 to bring particular attention to health disparities and advancing health equity.

The effort is called Action Week and is being directed under the end+disparities Learning Exchange, an initiative of the National Quality Center (NQC) and HRSA's HIV/AIDS Bureau to promote quality improvement interventions for disproportionately affected HIV subpopulations.

You Might Win a Prize

NQC has outlined a list of suggested activities, like submitting an NQC Sharelab entry on recent projects to end disparities.. Participants should email their ideas to NQC. Each submission is an entry for a prize. Agencies receive a certificate for each submission made. The prizes include: 5 red books - 5 flashdrives on 5 NQC lanyards - 5 highlighters - 5 NQC stickies - 2  in+care Campaign totes - 1 got quality hat - 1 quality chocolate - 1 quality coffee/tea.

Email your Action Week ideas to NQC. As of May 19, NQC has already received 11 submissions from around the country.

Action Week Prizes