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T-REX and X-ERT RSR Tool and Package

T-REX and X-ERT RSR Tool and Package

November 12, 2013
Data and Reporting Team (DART)

Note: We require that you enter a valid email address before downloading the T-REX package. This is so we can keep track of T-REX and X-ERT users, and keep you informed about updates.

The T-REX zip file is composed of Access and Excel-based tools that allow you to convert your client-level data into the RSR-compliant XML format and assess the quality of your RSR client-level data through X-ERT. The current version number is 4.2.2.

It contains the following files:

Converting your data into XML format

  • The Access database that you populate with your client-level data (RsrClients)
  • The executable file that allows you to create the client-level data XML file from the Access database
  • Support files to help you structure your data to load them properly into the Access database

Assessing the quality of your data through X-ERT

  • The transform file needed to import a pre-created XML file into the Access database (RsrClients)
  • The Access database that allows you to create the flat file through the X-ERT Form (RsrClients)
  • The X-ERT Excel Templates to help you analyze your RSR data

The file also contains a detailed user manual to walk you through the process.

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