Ryan White and Asian Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Ryan White and Asian Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

May 8, 2014
Asians Not Testing for HIV

"Saving face can’t make you safe. Talk about HIV for me, for you, for everyone.” This is the theme forAsian and Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, May 19, 2014.

Asians and Pacific Islanders (APIs) comprise an exceptionally diverse population, representing 1.7% of the U.S. population and 2% of new HIV infections in 2010, according to CDC. Language and culture represent key barriers to care, as outlined in this HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau fact sheet.

A Trans Woman Living with HIV

TA and Training Resources

HRSA's HIV/AIDS Bureau and its partners have developed a number of resources to address HIV/AIDS among API populations.

Highlights include:

These resources were guided, in part, by a 2004 HRSA's HIV/AIDS Bureau consultation session examiningAccess to HIV/AIDS Care Issues for the Asian and Pacific Islander Community, one in a series of Community Consultation Meetingsto assess the impact of HIV/AIDS on various underserved populations.

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HIV/AIDS Awareness Days and Ryan White

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