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Rx-REX Package

Rx-REX Package

May 6, 2013
Data and Reporting Team (DART)


Rx-REX helps ADAPs create the ADR client-level data file.  Rx-REX serves the following purposes:

  • Converts your client-level data into XML format.
  • Serves as a template for you to develop your own data extraction and/or XML conversion tools.
  • Allows you to assess the quality of your ADR client-level data. (This feature is not available in the current version of Rx-REX.)

Install the Rx-REX zip file from the HRSA/HAB Rx-REX site or above. The Rx-REX zip file is composed of:

  • Rx-REX User Manual:  This manual has detailed instructions for creating your input files, loading data into Rx-REX’s Access database, and creating the client-level data XML file.
  • ADR Crosswalk: Use this tool to prepare your input files. It allows you to map on paper the data elements and values in your system(s) to those required by the ADR.
  • ADR Clients Sample Tables: This Excel template supports the development of input files by providing the structure for the tables you must paste/import into Access.

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