Supporting HIV care through education and innovation

National Technical Assistance Contract

National Technical Assistance Contract


The TAC assists HIV/AIDS program providers in complying with program requirements; improving the capacity, outcome, and cost-effectiveness of health care and support services; increasing access to HIV-related care for underserved and uninsured populations; and enhancing their coordination and linkage with other HIV-related service providers receiving local, state, and federal support. Technical assistance (TA) and training are provided by a large pool of expert consultants whose credentials have been verified and whose performance is evaluated. Requests for TA may be made by grantees or advocated by Project Officers, and the assistance will be provided using a range of modalities, including on-site visit, tool and resource development, telephone consultation, and webinar.

Types of Training and Technical Assistance

  • HAB- or grantee-advocated site visits
  • Diagnostic compliance reviews/visits
  • Follow-up site reviews/visits
  • Short-term management assistance (on-site or telephone consultations)
  • Peer-to-peer TA or training
  • Special projects
  • Training programs (national, regional, local or Web based)
  • Biweekly email on TA activities
  • TA products

How to Access TA

HAB staff members complete the TAC Request form, obtain signatures from Branch Chief and Division Director, and submit to Lauresa McCoy, COTR for the Project. In addition, HAB staff members are encouraged to suggest TA topics or contribute to TA webinars that would meet the training needs of HAB grantees and staff. Grantees may request training or technical assistance through their Project Officers.