Live @ 2012 Ryan White: A Few Posters

Live @ 2012 Ryan White: A Few Posters

November 29, 2012
Posters Ryan White 2012

There were nearly 200 posters at Ryan White 2012. AETCs, quality, retention in care, HIV testing, and data, data, data. Below are just a few:

  • Evaluator Toolbox.  At a loss when contemplating whether to use ANOVA, ANCOVA, or MANOVA? Several evaluators were a bit abuzz about this poster by the Southeast AETC: a schematic guide for “evaluators in selecting the most appropriate statistical tests for measuring [Ryan White] program outcomes.” A HAB staffer commented that he wished he had this one when he was in graduate school. The TARGET Center will see about getting this one online to join other collections, like those from the AETC National Evaluation Center or the TARGET Center's collection (search for "evaluation" to find tools like an oldie-but-goodie: A Practical Guide to Evaluation and Evaluation Terms for Ryan White CARE Act Grantees). P-121: Examining the Ryan White Program Evaluator’s Toolbox: A Best Practice Guide To Statistical Tests.
  • Health Workforce Training. The Midwest AETC has an “A-Team” started in 2012 and is building the health care workforce’s capacity in HIV and behavioral health. Ideas being explored include collaboration between the AETC and SAMHSA to create a multi-disciplinary practicum and development of a brief screening for substance abuse disorders. (Several similar tools can be found on the Substance Abuse topic page.) P51: The "A" Team: Building Synergy in Pre-Service Provider Training, HIV, and Behavioral Health.
  • Treating Hepatitis C Co-Infection. A Las Vegas clinic integrated hepatitis C (HCV) treatment fully within their Ryan White HIV clinic. HCV clinic providers learned to treat HIV. In turn, HIV clinicians learned how to treat HCV mono-infection and continued to treat HIV/HCV coinfection. The Wellness Clinic says they set up this model after looking at the five models outlined in HRSA’s Integrating Hepatitis C Treatment In Ryan White Clinics: Models & Steps.  P-87: An Additional Model for Integrating Hepatitis C Treatment in a Ryan White Clinic.


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