Funding for Ryan White Part B Public Health Info Exchanges to Support Engagement in HIV Care

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Funding for Ryan White Part B Public Health Info Exchanges to Support Engagement in HIV Care

Wednesday, May 30, 2012
Replication of a Public Health Information Exchange to Support Engagement in HIV Care Initiative This initiative will use a community-level, public health approach to support the development of statewide Health Information Exchange (HIE) demonstration projects that ensure the timely transfer of HIV surveillance data to health care providers. More specifically, this initiative will support the replication of the Louisiana Public Health Information Exchange (LaPHIE) funded previously in part by HRSA/HAB's Special Projects of National Significance Electronic Networks of Care Initiative. Applicants must propose plans to design, develop, implement and evaluate a comprehensive statewide public health information exchange (HIE) among collaborating organizations representing HIV surveillance units of State Health Departments and inpatient, outpatient and emergency health care settings such as hospitals and community-based clinics. Applicants must have the cooperation of their State HIV surveillance units and should identify at least three (3) collaborating health care provider partners established through formal agreements. Funds are to be used for Health Information Technology (HIT) capacity building to improve interconnectivity and interoperability between state HIV surveillance data systems and the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems of hospitals and outpatient clinics, to include acquisition and implementation of network, hardware and software components. Proposed plans must describe the capacity and procedures used to protect patient privacy and electronic protected health information (PHI), and adherence to Security and Confidentiality Guidelines that govern protection of HIV surveillance data.

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