Funding Opportunity: National Cooperative Agreements for Ryan White HIV Training and TA

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Funding Opportunity: National Cooperative Agreements for Ryan White HIV Training and TA

Friday, January 31, 2014

HRSA has announced the availability of funding for three national cooperative agreements to provide technical assistance and training to the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program in these focus areas:

  • Technical Assistance Resources Guidance, Education, and Training (TARGET).
  • Data and Reporting Technical Assistance (DART).
  • Fiscal Management.

Applications for Funding Opportunity Announcement HRSA-14-035 are due March 3, 2014.

Note: Check the below Qs/As frequently, which are being updated on an ongoing basis.

FOA #14-035 Questions and Answers (as of 2/21/14)

  1. Will you need peer reviewers for this program? ANSWER: Yes, HRSA’s Division of Independent Review plans, directs, and carries out HRSA's independent review process of applications for discretionary grants and cooperative agreements. Interested reviewers can register in HRSA’s grant reviewer portal.
  2. I represent a regional HIV/AIDS resource center. We are current recipients of Ryan White B Funding, as well as contracts for a Wellness Center, Prevention & Outreach, HOPWA, TBRA, & STRMU. We are currently interested in building our capacity to apply for Ryan White Part C funding in 2015. Would the HRSA-14-035 Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program National HIV Training and Technical Assistance Cooperative Agreements contract be appropriate to achieve this goal? ANSWER: No, the purpose of this grant program is to fund a group of organizations to undertake a series of activities to provide support to grantees, providers, and consumers served by the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP). Activities are concentrated in three program focus areas TARGET, Data and Reporting Technical Assistance (DART), and Fiscal Management.
  3. I would like clarification about the appropriate title for Attachment 6 as outlined on page 20 of the instructions. ANSWER: Attachment 6 on page 20 should be labeled Program Specific Line Item Budget.
  4. I can only access the synopsis via Could you send the full announcement so I can see how to draft a project narrative and respond appropriately? ANSWER: The full funding opportunity announcement can be downloaded on Grants.Gov.
  5. Is there a TA call planned? ANSWER: No, HAB is not having a technical assistance call on this funding opportunity announcement.
  6. In prior years, indirect costs were capped at 8%; this doesn’t seem to be the case here. Is this true? ANSWER: No, Indirect costs are those costs incurred for common or joint objectives which cannot be readily and specifically identified with a particular project or program but are necessary to the operations of the organization, e.g., the cost of operating and maintaining facilities, depreciation, and administrative salaries. For institutions subject to 2 CFR Part 220 (formerly OMB Circular A-21), the term “facilities and administration” is used to denote indirect costs. If an organization applying for an award does not have an indirect cost rate, the applicant may wish to obtain one through HHS’s Division of Cost Allocation (DCA). Visit DCA’s website to learn more about rate agreements, the process for applying for them, and the regional offices which negotiate them. If indirect costs are included in the budget, please attach a copy of the indirect cost rate agreement. Indirect cost rate agreements will not count toward the page limit.
  7. I am writing to ask if you will please extend the response date for HRSA-14-035 from March 3, 2014 until March 12, 2014. We are making this request due to the inclement weather experienced across the east coast. ANSWER: Please send any request for an extension to the HRSA Waiver mailbox ([email protected] ) within 5 days of the closing date. Please note, a waiver is not guaranteed, HAB does not decide if a waiver is issued, and you should plan to complete and submit your application by the posted due date. See Sections 3.5 and 3.6 of HRSA's SF-424 Application Guide.
  8. Can an organization that receives another Ryan White grant apply for this funding opportunity announcement? ANSWER: Yes, if an organization meets the eligibility criteria as described in the funding opportunity announcement, they may submit an application by the due date.
  9. Are any organizations eligible for "sole source" funding under this project? ANSWER: No, this is a full and open competition and no funding priorities or preferences are being applied.

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