Data Technical Assistance

Data Technical Assistance

Ryan White agencies can access multiple sources of technical assistance and training to help them manage their Ryan White client-level data systems—the Ryan White Services Report (RSR) and the ADAP Data Report (ADR). Additional TA is available to help grantees with grantee reports, including Part-specific reports. Download the RSR Data TA Brochure and the ADR Data TA Brochure for details.

Data TA ProviderAreas of TA
How to Get Help

Electronic Handbooks
HRSA EHB Contact Center

HRSA’s Electronic Handbooks (EHB)

HRSA EHB Contact Center
8am-8pm ET, M-F
Contact the HRSA EHB Center

Data Reporting
Ryan White Data Support

RSR, ADR and Part A MAI: report content and submission

Ryan White Data Support
10am-6:30pm ET, M-F
Email: RW Data Support

Data Infrastructure

Meeting reporting requirements, creating the client level XML file, data quality and eUCI

[email protected]

CAREWare Software
Help Desk

Questions about CAREWare software

CAREWare Help Desk
12pm-5pm ET, M-F
[email protected]

Grants Management
HRSA Project Officers

First point-of-contact for Ryan White grantees in managing Federal funds and accessing training and TA.HRSA Project Officers