"Covered" Video Series - Spanish

"Covered" Video Series - Spanish

August 2016
ACE TA Center

The ACE TA Center “Covered” video series provides tips for RWHAP clients on how to make the most of their health insurance. Videos topics include key health insurance terms, what’s covered by insurance, where to go for different types of health care, tax credits, and how the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program, including ADAP, can help. Watch the videos below!

The “Covered” video series is intended to be shown in waiting rooms, clinical exam rooms, or during case management appointments with RWHAP clients. They can also be used to promote discussion during group sessions or shared for individual viewing. View the promotional materials now.

The videos are also available in English.

If you aren’t able to stream the videos from YouTube and would like a copy of the videos to play in your waiting room, lobby, exam room or in other work with clients, please email the ACE TA Center: [email protected]

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