Continuing Education for Peers and Supervisors: Disclosure

Continuing Education for Peers and Supervisors: Disclosure

May 2010
Center for Advancing Health Policy and Practice

Many people living with HIV suffer alone in the knowledge of their illness and fear that consequences of disclosure will lead to further isolation and stigmatization. Anxiety about disclosure adds stress to lives that may be highly stressed already and can impact the immune system.

HIV peer educators and advocates are uniquely positioned to listen to their clients' concerns about disclosure and confidentiality because they have experienced this same life challenge. They can offer invaluable support as clients make decisions about when and to whom to disclose.

Peers also face challenges in deciding when and how to disclose their own status to clients, and how to interact with clients in the community without breaching confidentiality. This webcast is the first of a two-part continuing education series for HIV positive peers and their supervisors.

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