Commonly Used Acronyms in the Ryan White Data Universe

Commonly Used Acronyms in the Ryan White Data Universe

December 2011
Data and Reporting TA Team
Acronyms and terms commonly used throughout the HRSA/HAB data world.
Abbreviation Full Term
ADAP AIDS Drug Assistance Program
ADR ADAP Data Report
APA AIDS Pharmaceutical Assistance
AQR ADAP Quarterly Report
ARV Antiretroviral Therapy
CLD Client-level Data
DSS Division of Service Systems
EHBs Electronic Handbooks
eUCI Encrypted Unique Client Identifier
HCC HRSA Contact Center
HRSA Health Resources and Services Administration
LPAP Local Pharmacy Assistance Program
OI Opportunistic Infection
OPA HRSA’s Office of Pharmacy Affairs
PAP Patient Assistance Program
PBM Pharmacy Benefits Manager
PCIP Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plans
SPAP State Pharmaceutical Assistance Program
TrOOP True Out of Pocket Costs
UCI Unique Client Identifier
XML Extensible Markup Language

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Glossary of HIV/AIDS Terms

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