Clinical Assessment for Systems Strengthening (ClASS)

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Clinical Assessment for Systems Strengthening (ClASS)

January 2012
Author: I-TECH

ClASS is a continuous quality improvement tool to use in monitoring and enhancing service delivery in international settings.

CLASS is based upon a similar resource developed in the 1990s for use by clinics funded under the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program in the U.S. The ClASS framework is a comprehensive objective assessment process used as part of HRSA’s oversight of its programs and also in support of transition of programs to indigenous organizations. The ClASS framework is based on the recognition that the quality of any health care system is a result of access to good technical, administrative and financial management capacity.

Consistent with its goals, the ClASS framework involves a participatory, multi-disciplinary review of specific capacity-building needs with the provision of technical assistance based on the findings from the review.