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CAREWare Files to Calculate HAB Performance Measures

CAREWare Files to Calculate HAB Performance Measures

April 10, 2014


Below for download are two sets of XML files for CAREWare: (1) FINAL XML files to calculate HAB Performance Measures and (2) DRAFT XML files that will enable you to stratify these measures, based upon population characteristics. Download instructions can be found at the bottom of this page.

XML Performance Measure Files

This FINAL XML file set (HABCore1-4.xml) outlines CAREWare fields that are used to calculate the following four HAB Performance Measures. These XMLs allow for the calculation of aggregate performance for each measure. (Included below is a file download that explains these files.) 

  • Core01 - HIV viral load suppression
  • Core02 - Prescription of HIV antiretroviral therapy
  • Core03 - Visit frequency
  • Core04 - Gap in visits

XML Stratification Files

These DRAFT XML files (Stratification Files) will allow for stratification on each of the above measures, based on the following categories. You can select all or only a subset of the measures for import. (Included below is a file download Description of XML Stratification Files.) 

  • Race/Ethnicity:  Black, Hispanic, White, and Other (including missing and unknown race/ethnicity)
  • Gender:  Male, Female, and Transgender
  • Age (years):  0-12; 13-18; 19-24; 25-34; 35-44; 45-54; 55-64; and 65 and older

Please send feedback on the measures to or

Steps for Adding the Files to CAREWare

  1. First, DOWNLOAD the XML file(s) (below) by RIGHT CLICKING THE FILE and selecting “save link as.” Place the file in an easy-to-find location.
  2. Next, go into the Performance Measures module in CAREWare and Select F10 Load from file (advanced).
  3. Now point to the file that you just downloaded and import that file into CAREWare.
  4. Run the measures and make sure they are accurate!
  5. We recommend deleting the previous versions of these measures (HAB Core 1, HAB Core 3, HAB Core 4). To do this, simply select the measure and then the function on the left of the screen (F7: Delete performance measure).
See the HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau website for performance measure details (e.g., numerator, denominator, data elements, and frequently asked questions)
New HIV/AIDS medications and formulations are coming out all the time. Keep your and ADAP drug XML files uploaded. See updates on the HRSA/HAB CAREWare website.

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