CAREWare Build 799 Now Available

CAREWare Build 799 Now Available

Monday, May 5, 2014
Data and Reporting TA Team

ADAP Grantees

CAREWare Build 799 is now available for download, along with a new ADAP medications list.  This is the minimum build number that you should use to generate your 2013 ADR.  Prior versions of CAREWare only produce a 6-month report as opposed to the now-required annual export.

Non-ADAP Grantees

You can also upgrade to this new build, but compared to build 791, it contains no new fixes except for those related to ADAP reporting.   (A major new build with new race/ethnicity categories and other updates for 2014 will be released later this month.)

For more information, please visit the CAREWare listserv or contact the CAREWare HelpDesk.