Building Blocks to Peer Success: Module on Core Competencies in HIV/AIDS

Building Blocks to Peer Success: Module on Core Competencies in HIV/AIDS

April 1, 2009
Center for Advancing Health Policy and Practice

Toolkit module complementing the main Toolkit Guide presenting detailed information to help peers fulfill their role in helping clients manage some of the daily stresses that accompany an HIV diagnosis, such as understanding how HIV works in the body, navigating the health care system, understanding the purpose of difference lab tests and treatments, handling relationships with friends, families and partners, and coping with stigma. Modules cover:

  • HIV/AIDS Basics (HIV Transmission Grab Bag, HIV Testing, HIV/AIDS Frame Discussion, HIV/AIDS Fact Book: Search for Answers, Word Match, Stages of HIV Infection) 
  • HIV Life Cycle (Immune System and HIV Life Cycle Activity, HIV Life Cycle and Disease Progression, Viral Life Cycle) 
  • Understanding Labs (Reading Our Labs, "Test Tubes" Lab Value Activity, 
Understanding Lab Values)
  • Medications & Side Effects (Understanding Drug Resistance, HIV Medications: Side Effects, Adherence & Goals of Medication, Ask the Expert: Fighting the Virus Role Play, HIV Case Studies, How Medications Work Activity, Stump the Peer) 
  • Adherence Strategies (Adherence Version 1, Adherence Version 2, Adherence Strategies, Simulated Adherence Treatment Exercise, Adherence Tools, Adherence Case Studies) 
  • Harm Reduction (Play It Safe Part 1: Intimacy & HIV, Play It Safe Part 2: Prevention Exercises and Demonstrations, "Let's Talk About Sex" Icebreaker, Prevention Education for PLWHAs, Safer Sex & Harm Reduction)

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