Building Blocks to Peer Success: Module on Continuing Education

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Building Blocks to Peer Success: Module on Continuing Education

April 2012
Boston University School of Public Health Health and Disability Working Group

One of the "other modules" for complementing the main Toolkit Guide. Includes additional training materials to reinforce or supplement the core competencies, which can be included in an introductory course or orientation for newly hired peers and can also be offered at subsequent trainings or reunion meetings. Covers:

  • Benefits, Crisis Module, Documenting Our Efforts: Group Discussion and Practice, Motivational Interviewing Skills, Naming Stigma Through Pictures
  • Orientation to Clinical Practicum, Stigma, Substance Abuse
  • Health-Related Topics (Female Reproductive System, Viral Hepatitis Bingo, Mental Health, Opportunistic Infection Exercise, Other Infections, Sexual Life After HIV Diagnosis, Sexually Transmitted Infections Exercise, HIV and Oral Health)
  • Special Populations (HIV/AIDS and People Over 50, Special Populations, Working with the Transgendered Community)

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