Bring Your Tools to the Grantee Meeting

Bring Your Tools to the Grantee Meeting

October 31, 2012

In the weeks leading up to the 2012 Ryan White Grantee Meeting on November 27-29, hundreds of workshops and posters are being finalized.

If you are a presenter or author, the best way to maximize your impact is to prepare and share at least one tool, method, model, or best practice that others can use in their  programs. This is, after all, a technical assistance and training meeting, and the goal is to improve our programs by learning from each other.

The TARGET Center has a number of ways for workshop and poster presenters to share their TA tools.  Consider these venues for posting your resources—before, during, and after the meeting.

Before the Meeting

  • Upload your tools now.  Presenters can upload tools to the TARGET Center any time.  (Remember: slide sets and posters should be shared with the meeting planners.)

At the Meeting

    • Visit the TARGET Center Exhibit Booth. Our staff will be there—with computer and camera in hand—ready to capture your tools and tips.
        • Give us your tools at the booth—as a Web link, a file, or the name of a person we can contact to find out more.
        • Let us take your photo and share it online as a Face of Ryan White.

After the Meeting