Supporting HIV care through education and innovation

AETC Telehealth Training Centers Program

AETC Telehealth Training Centers Program


The AETC Telehealth Training Centers Program is a demonstration project aimed at enhancing access to care for hard-to-reach persons living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) through the use of telehealth technologies. Projects (listed below) will provide clinical consultation, education, and training, and support an informed support system for trainees. The program targets health care providers serving PLWHA in underserved communities who are not HIV specialists (i.e., low-volume providers).

  • Capitol Region Telehealth Project
    Howard University

    Goulda Downer, PhD, RD, LN, CNS
    Phone: 202-865-8146

  • Florida/Caribbean Telehealth Education Training Center
    University of South Florida

    Debbie Cestaro-Seifer, MS, RN
    Phone: 239-541-0504

  • Health, Education, Assessment, and Research in Telehealth
    University of Arkansas

    Jon Allen, PA
    Phone: 501-529-1777

  • Mountain-Midwest HIV Telehealth Initiative
    University of Colorado

    Mountain Plains Region
    Lindsay O'Connell, MS, CHES
    Phone: 303-724-0821
    Midwest Region
    Amanda Wilkins
    Phone: 312-996-7407

  • Northwest AETC ECHO
    University of Washington

    Natalia Martinez-Paz, MA, MPA
    Phone: 206-543-2704

  • Pacific HIV Learning Network
    University of California San Diego

    Moira Mar-Tang, MPH, CHES
    Phone: 619-471-9521

  • The Southern Central AIDS Education Telehealth Training Center
    The University of Kentucky

    Jeanne Harris, BSN, MBA
    Phone: 859-218-1251

  • Telehealth AETC Appalachian Project
    University of Pittsburgh

    Linda Rose Frank, PhD, MSN, ACRN, FAAN
    Phone: 859-381-5818

  • Tri-State Telehealth Advancement Network (TITAN)
    University of South Carolina

    Adrena Harrison, RN, MSN, ACRN
    Phone: 803-545-5403