AETC Blog: HIV and Aging

AETC Blog: HIV and Aging

Monday, January 28, 2013

In years to come, about half of people living with HIV/AIDS will be over 50 years old. Most contracted HIV at a younger age and are living longer because of effective treatments, but roughly 15% of new HIV/AIDS cases are people 50 and over. About half of Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program clients are age 45 or older. See HIV and Aging in the AETC ShareSpot Blog, 1/18/13 for a quick overview of care complexities faced by older persons living with HIV/AIDS and an epidemiologic overview of cases by age groups.

Learn more:

  • See the Statistics. CDC data on those 50 and older living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Read An Oldie: The Graying of HIV in CAREAction from 2009. covering late diagnoses and medical and mental health issues.
  • Search For Resources. Search TARGET Center pages using the term "aging" and find items like: LGBT Health Webinar Series.
  • Clinician Training for Older Adults. See AETC National Resource Center clinician training resources on this topic.
  • See Living History on Aging. Read stories about Ryan White services that meet needs as people age--from adolescence to adulthood and growing old. 

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