ADAP Manual

ADAP Manual

December 2012
ADAP Manual

AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) legislative and program requirements, contract management, management strategies (e.g., cost containment, formulary management), and purchasing/dispensing systems (e.g., 340b Pharmacy Benefits Manager).  

Sections include:

  • Section I: General Information (the Ryan White program, Ryan White ADAP legislative language, and key resources).
  • Section II: Information About ADAP (structure, planning/advisory bodies, eligibility, access, adherence and monitoring services, data and reporting, and quality management).
  • Section III: ADAP Contract and Subcontract Management (including RFP and contract monitoring processes, grants management for Part B/ADAP, state matching fund requirements, and administrative costs and program income).
  • Section IV: ADAP Management Strategies (cost containment strategies, formulary management, managing enrollment and utilization/waiting lists, coordination with other payers/programs, and continuum of health insurance coverage).
  • Section V: Purchasing and Dispensing Medications (340B Drug Discount Program, Accessing 340B Prices, Purchasing and Dispensing Strategy: Pharmacy Benefits Managers).

Information on management of the Part B grant is presented in the Part B Manual and is not repeated in the ADAP Manual. Thus, the ADAP Manual and Part B Manual should be used as companion documents.

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