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ADAP and Medicare Part D – Part I

ADAP and Medicare Part D – Part I

June 26, 2012


This ADAP technical assistance webinar (Part I of II) focused on ADAP coordination with Medicare Part D. 

The objectives of the webinar were:

  • To articulate why providing supplemental claim payments to the Transaction Facilitator is important to the ADAP and their beneficiaries
  • To explain how Part D Claims are processed
  • To help grantees to understand the steps necessary to perform electronic coordination of benefits
  • To help grantees to identify what method their ADAP will be using or is using in order to transmit their supplemental payments to the Transaction Facilitator (batch or real time through an online processor)
  • To describe the reasons why claims paid by the ADAP might not be transmitted to the Part D Plan
  • To describe how to provide ADAP unique BIN-PCN and financial contact information

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