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Accessing QHP Lists in Your State

Accessing QHP Lists in Your State

Friday, March 7, 2014



Below are places to find listings of Qualified Health Plans (QHP) being offered in various states and communities. 

Map Based Links to All State QHP Lists

State Reforum has prepared a map with links to QHP lists (click on the state and then the "yes"), including lists from HealthCare.Gov (described below) as well as state-compiled lists.

QHPs and HIV/AIDS Coverage

Some Ryan White grantees have prepared summaries of QHPs in their states that highlight coverage of HIV/AIDS medications (e.g., costs, tiers) and list the HIV/AIDS care providers included in QHP provider networks. Programs like ADAPs can use this information to compare plans and determine how best to maximize coverage for people living with HIV/AIDS. Consumers can use this information to help them pick plans that both cover their HIV/AIDS drugs and include HIV/AIDS specialists, like their current Ryan White providers.

More Details

For states operating under the federal Marketplace

Go to HealthCare.Gov's Get Health Premium Estimates site for estimates geared to your specific situation (e.g., age, county where you live). Alternatively, go to the Data.Gov web portal for a listing of QHPs in these states. QHPs are listed by state and county in a sortable table. Thanks to HIVHealthReform for this resource.

For states operating their own Marketplaces

If you need more than the State Reforum map with links to QHP lists, go directly to the state web portal and search for a listing. If one is not provided, submit a request to the Marketplace staff.

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