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ACA Change Options for a Standalone HIV Organization

ACA Change Options for a Standalone HIV Organization

October 10, 2013
Catawba Care

Restructuring options for a board of directors of a stand-along HIV/AIDS organization to consider in adjusting to the Affordable Care Act.

Options for consideration include:

  • Option 1: Remain As Is: Stand-Alone HIV Organization
  • Option 2: Provide HIV Wrap-around Services Only (non-primary care services)
  • Option 3: Become a Community Health Center 
  • Option 4: Become Primary Care Provider & Seek Look-Alike Status
  • Option 5: Collaborate with CHC (could be in combination with Scenario #1)
  • Option 6: Free Clinic: Consider Merger with CHC or Become Independent Free Clinic
  • Option 7: Merge with Community Health Center
  • Option 8: Plan for Closure and Transfer Patients to Other Providers

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