Oral Health Training Manual Online Resources

Oral Health Training Manual Online Resources

December 2013
Author: IHIP

ECHO Reports (http://echo.hdwg.org/)

HIVDent, featuring up-to-date treatment information and expertise in development, training, integration, and evaluation of oral health services for PLWHA: www.hivdent.org.

Inception of Part F dental programs explored on HRSA’s The Ryan White Program: A Living History Web site: http://hab.hrsa.gov/livinghistory/programs/Part-F-pg3.htm.

“Increasing Access to Dental Care,” HRSA CAREAction Newsletter, August 2008: www.hab.hrsa.gov/newspublications/careactionnewsletter/june2008.pdf.

Oral Health Screening in the Primary Medical Care Setting, presentation for clinicians by HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau’s Chief Dental Officer, LCDR Mahyar Mofidi, DMD, PhD: https://careacttarget.org/library/oral-health-screening-primary-medical-care-setting

Public Health Reports Oral Health Supplement: http://echo.hdwg.org/news/now-available-public-healthreports-oral-health-supplement.

Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Oral Health and HIV Fact Sheet: http://hab.hrsa.gov/abouthab/files/oral_health_fact_sheet.pdf.

“SPNS Innovations in Oral Health: Something to Smile About,” What’s Going on @ SPNS Bulletin, September 2009: http://hab.hrsa.gov/abouthab/files/cyberspns_oralhealth.pdf.

TARGET Center Oral Health Care Technical Assistance Resources: https://careacttarget.org/category/topics/oral-health-care.

The New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute’s Oral Health Care Resources: www.health.ny.gov/diseases/aids/about/hlthcare.htm#ohc.