Integration of Buprenorphine into HIV Primary Care Settings: Tools from the Integrating HIV Innovative Practices Program

Integration of Buprenorphine into HIV Primary Care Settings: Tools from the Integrating HIV Innovative Practices Program

August 2012

This package of training and implementation tools was developed to assist Ryan White and other HIV clinics to integrate buprenorphine programs in primary care settings.

Training Manual

manual coverTool for HIV/AIDS clinical programs who are considering integrating opioid addiction treatment using buprenorphine. Chapters cover background and rationale, lessons learned from the HRSA SPNS Initiative, and information for prescribers and clinic managers.


curriculum coverThis curriculum provides physicians with the information they need to educate their clinic staff and other stakeholders about integrating medication-assisted treatment (MAT) with buprenorphine into HIV primary care. It provides a detailed overview of buprenorphine within clinical settings, from the legal requirements for implementation to step-by-step procedures for prescribing and administering buprenorphine.


buprenorphine manual coverThis document highlights projects found to offer highly effective (and replicable) approaches to integrating buprenorphine-based medication-assisted treatment into HIV/AIDS primary care. Chapters outline the processes programs need to put in place, including meeting DATA 2000 regulatory requirements, achieving institutional buy-in, implementing staff training requirements, and evaluating processes and outcomes.

Webinar: Clinical Aspects of Buprenorphine Therapy

In this webinar, clinicians from two Ryan White clinics with successful buprenorphine programs describe what buprenorphine is, how it works, what opioids do to the brain, how buprenorphine differs from methadone, important drug-drug interactions, the concept of precipitated withdrawal and how to recognize it, how to determine patient eligibility, and clinical aspects of working with opiod-addicted people living with HIV.

Webinar: Training and Integration

This webinar introduced providers to the SPNS Buprenorphine Initiative, its findings, its synergy with the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, and provided an overview of opioid use and HIV.

FAQ and Peer Discussion

Find quick answers to common questions, or pose questions to the IHIP team.

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