Fiscal Health: Systems to Sustainability

Fiscal Health: Systems to Sustainability


The goal of HealthHIV’s Fiscal Health: Systems to SustainabilityTM program is to ensure the fiscal sustainability of Ryan White funded recipients and sub-recipients. HealthHIV accomplishes this by building participant’s organizational fiscal management capacity, diversifying and improving income streams, and developing and enhancing operational fiscal systems. HealthHIV offers multiple activities and various ways for individuals to learn and engage in training. Systems to Sustainability provides onsite group trainings as well as one-on-one learning, which are both in-person and online.

What We Do

HealthHIV’s Fiscal Health: Systems to SustainabilityTM program utilizes an enhanced approach to building the organizational and specifically the fiscal health of Ryan White-funded organizations and providers. This program focuses on the aggregate and individual-level fiscal management capacity building needs identified by HealthHIV. The program considers the current and future healthcare funding and organizational environment in which programs operate. HealthHIV utilizes a diverse and culturally competent team of fiscal management experts and coaches to design and implement an effective training curriculum targeting Ryan White providers throughout the U.S.

How We Do It

  • Conducts, in-person, regional trainings focused on organizational sustainability and fiscal skills development
  • Produces webinars reaching Ryan White providers
  • Implements individualized technical assistance to Ryan White recipients and Sub-recipients via phone, webinar, virtual classroom, email, or in-person
  • Maintains the HealthHIV Vault: Unlocking Innovative Fiscal Health Resources

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About HealthHIV

HealthHIV is a national non-profit working with organizations, communities, and health care providers to advance effective prevention, care, and support for people living with, or at risk for, HIV and HCV through education and training, technical assistance and capacity building, advocacy, and health services research and evaluation. HealthHIV leads the Pozitively Healthy national HIV consumer coalition, the HealthHCV initiative, and the National Center for Health Care Capacity Building, as well as the National Coalition for LGBT Health.


Michael D. Shankle, MPH
Director of Capacity Building
Telephone Number: 202.507.4726

Helen Rovito
Project Officer