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Webinar and Call Archives

This page features recent recordings and materials from webinars and calls. See the Webcasts page for more listings, or look under the particular call topic.

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X-ERT: Reviewing Your Data Before Upload 02/05/2014
Town Hall Debrief: 2013 RSR and What Happens Next 04/16/2014
Tools for Reporting Medications in the ADAP Data Report (ADR) 04/02/2014
Tools for Creating the ADR XML Client Report 03/05/2014
Tools and Strategies for Care Coordination and Referral Tracking in Patient-Centered Medical Homes 06/06/2014
The Diagnosis (ICD-9-CM) Code 03/18/2014
T-REX or not T-REX? Tools for Creating the RSR XML Client Report 01/22/2014
Service (CPT) Code Evaluation and Management 03/12/2014
Ryan White HIV/AIDS Part B Program Technical Assistance Webinar: ADAP Updates 06/18/2014
RSR Changes: 2014 and Beyond 05/14/2014
Reviewing Your RSR Data 03/27/2014
Reviewing Your Data After Upload Tools within the RSR Web System 02/19/2014
Patient Engagement: Strategies to keep patients at the center of the HIV Medical Home 03/21/2014
Pathology and Laboratory HIV/AIDS CPT Codes 03/14/2014
Part F Dental Reimbursement Program HRSA-14-098 Technical Assistance Conference Call 01/22/2014
Part C Technical Assistance Webinar for FOA HRSA-15-007 06/10/2014
Part C HIV Early Intervention Services (EIS), Additional Service Area Competition (Ponce, Puerto Rico) 03/11/2014
Part C Capacity Development (HRSA-14-061) webinar 02/12/2014
Maximizing Third Party Reimbursement through Enhanced Medical Documentation and Coding 05/14/2014
Linking Ryan White Clients of Color to New Health Coverage Options: Needs Assessment Findings 04/30/2014
Introduction to Oral Health: Oral Screening and Dental Management 03/07/2014
Increasing Access to HIV Medications: Models that Work 02/26/2014
In+Care Campaign Webcasts 03/25/2014
Implementing the 2014 RSR Data Changes for Data System Vendors 04/23/2014
How to Develop Indirect Rates for Nonprofits: OMB Circular A-122 vs. the New Super Circular 05/08/2014
How to Complete the ADAP Data Report (ADR): Data Review and Submission 04/30/2014
Guide to Oral Health Care for People Living with HIV/AIDS: Oral Diseases, Dental Emergencies and Patient Education 03/28/2014
FY2014 Part D Supplement: HIV Care Continuum Project 06/24/2014
FY 14 Ryan White HIV/AIDS Part B Program Supplemental FOA 04/09/2014
Fiscal Health: Systems to Sustainability 05/15/2014
Division of Community HIV/AIDS Programs Part D Informational Webinar 02/27/2014
Division of Community HIV/AIDS Programs Part C Informational Webinar 02/27/2014
Dental Case Management 01/24/2014
Coding Scenarios 05/09/2014
Clinical Aspects of Oral Health Care for PLWHA 01/24/2014
ADR Data Quality and Completeness 03/19/2014