Supporting HIV care through education and innovation

Topic: Program Parts

The Nation's HIV/AIDS care needs vary across geographic regions, populations, and services. The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program is comprised of multiple programs (called Parts) to meet these diverse needs. While the Parts vary in their focus, each follows a common the set of HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau standards that are designed to focus all Ryan White programs on effective and efficient delivery of HIV/AIDS care. These drivers include HIV/AIDS care guidelines and clinical protocols; program planning and implementation requirements; quality/performance measures; data reporting systems; technical assistance and training services; and grants management and monitoring processes.



  • Guide for HIV/AIDS Clinical Care
    HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau
    April 2014

    This manual was developed to provide clinicians with ready access to practical, current, treatment information so that they may provide quality care to people living with HIV.

  • HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau
    June 2013

    Manual for Ryan White Part A grantees and planning bodies on administration of their programs. Update reflects Ryan White legislative and program requirements through 2013.

  • ADAP Manual
    HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau
    December 2012

    This manual outlines all facets of the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP)--legislative and program requirements, contract management, management strategies (e.g., cost containment, formulary management), and purchasing/dispensing systems (e.g., 340b Pharmacy Benefits Manager).  

  • HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau
    May 2013

    Manual for Part B grantees and planning bodies outlines legislation and policies along with technical guidance on carrying out specific requirements of grantees.



Legislative and Program Requirements

  • HRSA Logo
    Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) HIV/AIDS Bureau
    May 2014
    HRSA's HIV/AIDS Bureau guidance and requrements for grantees of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program.
  • HRSA Logo
    HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau
    April 2014

    HRSA/HAB webinars on the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program 2015 Parts C and D Consolidation Proposal: Discussion of the Critical Elements for the Funding Opportunity Announcement.


  • US Map
    HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau
    March 2014

    State and national profiles on the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program and HIV/AIDS epidemic, presenting state-level information (population characteristics, infection statistics, services provided). Profiles can generate data tables and charts.

Training resources

  • HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau
    October 2013
    This module runs approximately 25 minutes and presents information about the background and purpose of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP). It is intended as a resource for orienting first-time Grantees and Providers and new staff on RWHAP-funded projects.

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