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Agencies funded by the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program are responsible for managing their grant funds wisely. Legislative provisions and Federal grants management requirements dictate how funds can be used and what is required in monitoring activities and resources.

  • These resources supplement the materials found on the HRSA/HAB website under the Manage Your Grant tab.
  • Remember that the key point of contact for a Ryan White grantee is the HRSA project officer.


  • The National Center for Innovation in HIV Care
    March 2017

    Leaders have a difficult, exciting and challenging position within any organization. No matter at what level within an organization the leader is placed, it is through competent and effective management that success or failure of the entity is determined. Having a most honorable, targeted, enthusiastic or illuminating mission can fall short without the skills that lead to an engaged, committed and resolute work force. Leaders able to foster responsibility, productivity, accountability and creativity can influence and ensure the success of the mission, or they can be a fundamental reason for the objectives of the mission and purpose to remain out of reach.

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