Supporting HIV care through education and innovation

Topic: Populations

The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program fills gaps in care for individuals with little or no insurance. Over half of the 1+ million people living with HIV/AIDS in the U.S. get some type of care from Ryan White. Technical assistance and training resources assist Ryan White agencies in addressing challenges they face in delivering care to specific populations. Examples include care protocols, cultural competency resources, and patient education materials.

Training resources

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    AETC National Resource Center
    January 2014

    Clinical education/training resources and patient education materials from the HRSA AETC network.


Slide sets


  • HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau
    February 2004

    As part of an ongoing effort to seek the input from diverse communities, HAB convened a series of four one-day meetings with representatives of several racial and ethnic minority groups during January and February 2004.

  • National Minority AETC, September 2012

    BE SAFE is a framework that uses culturally pluralistic content and perspectives based on these six core elements: Barriers to Care, Ethics, Sensitivity of the Provider, Assessment, Facts, and Encounters.